Stress Related Flushing & Rosacea

Stress and fatigue stimulate the control center of the sympathetic nervous system resulting in facial redness and skin flushing. When these nerves are stimulated the result is a constriction of the blood vessels throughout the body except in the facial area where this action causes dilation or flushing of the skin.

A number of factors can stimulate a sympathetic nervous system response: stress, anxiety, mental or physical fatigue, lack of sleep,and an increase in internal body temperature stimulate the sympathetic nervous system when ‘acid drinks, foods, and cigarettes or any rosacea triggers are consumed.

Rosacea patient’s skin gives off easily detectable heat from the redness that can be picked up with infrared cameras including inexpensive cameras that can be purchased at Walmart and many sporting goods stores as sportsmen and the military have used them for years. Of course the patient’s facial rosacea would provide by far more heat that is obviously visible in a 100% dark room or very dark night than a person without rosacea. And more recently, more cameras can be used in medical technology to detect cancer as more heat is given off the cancer growth. And the rosacea skin can be seen more easily by an infrared camera or an infrared pair of binoculars than the rest of their body or that of a person without facial rosacea. The Japanese scientists are seemingly the most advanced as their cameras can locate single photons. And of course the body heat given off from the body and the rosacea patients has the low and high points of the day depending on the person’s sleep pattern and intake of foods and drinks. The body clock’s metabolic rhythms change throughout the day.