Rosacea Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes are an easy, inexpensive method to improve your rosacea symptoms. We all have learned or inherited lifestyle habits or routines which have had a negative effect on our rosacea skin and ocular condition. A simple change in a lifestyle choice or routine can lead to a huge improvement.

Living with a skin condition can create its own stress, when add that to the daily stresses of work, home life, responsibilities and life in general, your rosacea can spiral out of control. What we present here are simply tips to help you take back your life, reduce the stress and in doing so you can effect a change in the severity of your rosacea. Some may consider this a natural or homeopathic solution to treating rosacea, we think of it as a healthy lifestyle option to manage and control the symptoms of rosacea.

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Drink ‘alkaline’ water.

As we grow older, we often have a reduced “sense” of thirst and think we do not need more water to hydrate our body and brain; therefore, we deteriorate more quickly as our skin is the first organ of the body to inform us. If you are a small person you need to drink at least 80 ounces of ‘alkaline’ water per day. This would be the equivalent of two and half litres or ten 8- ounce glasses! Even more water would be necessary if you are overweight, outside for extended periods of time, participating in sports, or indulging in heavy physical activity.

More water is needed if the rosacea sufferer has a higher metabolism, anxiety, or stress level, or if one lives in a dry climate such as the southwest U.S. or at “Lake Disappointment” in Australia. People that live in colder areas where the humidity is “low”, especially when the home is being heated during a long winter; need more water because the air absorbs moisture from the body’s skin have a greater need for water. The skin also absorbs air pollution and whatever toxins are in the air environment just as it absorbs topical medications. Water is essential to maintaining bodily functions including good circulation, skin tissue regeneration as well as proper digestion, secretion and absorption. Water aids the blood in distributing nutrients throughout the body as well as the skin cells and aids in removing waste from the cells.

Professional models, who are usually between 17 and 29, drink an average of 12 glasses a day with a weight of 105-130 pounds. This not only helps them stay thin because they are drinking instead of eating, but also helps them keep their skin moist and beautiful the “natural way”. As we grow older, our bodies tend to dry out and it is even more important for us to consume enough water. Most of us are above 130 pounds and need much more water than a smaller model. As we grow older, our bodies tend to dry out and it is even more important for us to consume enough water. Most of us are above 130 pounds and need much more water than a smaller model. Christie Brinkley, a very well-known and attractive model with three children, (who made $23 million last year) consumes 12-16 glasses of water per day. When a red blinking light on the instrument panel of a car tells us the car is overheating, we give the car some water (or fix the broken hose, fan belt, or radiator leak) but when our faces flash a “red blinking light” in the form of rosacea or other skin problems, do we give it the water it needs? Are we not much more valuable than our cars?

Flushing results from heat generated by the body through a process of vascular dilation. The skin flushes or dilates for a variety of reasons – many women are familiar with flushing due to menopause or pregnancy, other sources of vascular dilation include spicy foods or hot beverages, heavy exercise or strenuous exertion, pain and dehydration. In these situations, consuming four litres or up sixteen 8-ounce glasses of cold or icy water per day will be helpful in cooling the skin, relieving the flushing, as it assists the body in maintaining proper hydration needed to flush toxins, acidic waste and allow for the excretion of oil and bacteria. Water should always be “alkaline” water with a pH that usually ranges from 7.2 to 7.4 in most places in the world to ‘offset’, ‘buffer’, or ‘neutralize’ the acidic foods and drinks. Bottled water is “almost always acidic” as it is needed to be to prevent bacteria from growing in the water.

Avoid Stimulants

Stimulants such as excessive sugar from soda and sweets, coffee, tea, energy drinks, alcohol and cigarettes and are highly acidic and throw your body off-balance. They are also vascular dilators, which can directly cause facial flushing. Any chemical powerful enough to “wake you up” in the morning is obviously causing drastic changes in your body. Rosacea patients need the opposite of these acidic stimulants. A good alkaline “rosacea diet” will help to buffer or neutralize the harmful effects of stimulants.

Steroids should never ever be used for rosacea

In their book, Acne & Rosacea, copyright 1973, First edition; Dr. Plewig (Dermatologische Klinik Und Poliklinik der Universitat Munchen, Germany and Dr. Kligman (Dermatology-University of Philadelphia) reflect on the dangers of prescribing steroids for the treatment of rosacea. In their follow-up 1993 second edition they extend that recommendation to sharp criticism of dermatologists prescribing steroids as a rosacea tretament.

Reduce or Eliminate Alcohol Consumption

To reduce facial redness, restrict or reduce alcohol consumption. Alcohol dehydrates the body, causing the pores to contract, clogging the pores and reducing moisture content in the skin. Alcohol increases stress and fatigue thus increasing facial flushing. On those occasions when you do drink alcohol, increase water consumption to keep the body and skin well hydrated to minimize rosacea redness and flares.

Avoid Hot Baths

To reduce flushing when cleaning the facial skin areas avoid both hot showers and very cold water. Vascular dilation or flushing occurs when water temperature applied to the rosacea affected areas of the skin is above 98.5 degrees. Avoid further irritating the skin by gently cleansing the skin. Harsh cleansers, vigorous rubbing or scrubbing, exfoliating and skin astringents will irritate and inflame the sensitive skin and their use should be avoided. Our skin is a vital part of our immune system and acts as a natural barrier against germs and bacteria. Cuts, abrasions and dry skin can all weaken this protective barrier.

Use a clean wash cloth and body towel each time you bath. Damp towels and wash cloths are breeding grounds for bacterial growth. Replace facial wash cloths and pillow covers daily to prevent redistribution of germs and bacteria on the skin. Washing bed linens, wash cloths and towels in Clorox can help to kill rosacea-related bacterial growth.

Use Gentle Soaps

Through many years of research and 17 years of experience with rosacea patients, we have found two soaps to have superior cleansing ability without causing further skin irritation while being at a very low price of about $3.00 in stores or they can be found on the internet. See you do not have to pay high prices or do exotic things for good skin health. You will find the following soaps easy to find: Neutrogena (the transparent facial bar) “original skin formula – fragrance free is very good. Likewise, the Dove ‘Sensitive Skin Unscented Beauty Bar’ that has been known for years for use on sensitive skin. Wash the face with any one of these two gentle cleansing soaps as needed which would be two times per day for dry or normal skin and three times daily for oily skin. You will also be very happy using either of these soaps over the entire body area if desired. These excellent soaps can be purchased at most pharmacies or drug stores as well as grocery stores and in retail stores such as Walmart, Target, etc. in the United States and likewise can be found conveniently throughout the world at a low price.

Food Allergy Flushing

Rosacea and food allergies have a common component – both are the result of a weakened immune system. Food allergies are the result of acidic foods and beverages. The symptoms of a food allergy include hives, facial or skin redness, and itching.

Facial Exercise

If the muscles are not toned by exercise, the face will sag and portray an older look. Facial muscles don’t all attach directly to bone like they do in the rest of the body. Instead, many of them attach under the skin. This allows you to contract your facial muscles in the smallest amount and make dozens of different kinds of faces as you have noticed in your past photos of the slightest ‘time difference’ in photo shots. If all the muscles are toned the face will have a natural ‘face lift’, the skin will be smoother and younger looking and the general appearance will be brighter and more pleasant.

The Sobye massage is accomplished in three different ways as follows: 1) is to awaken the skin in the morning or upon arising by “rotating the finger tips on the skin” by holding the finger tips in one place and moving the hand for 10 to 15 seconds or more depending on the person’s tolerance, 2) exercising the facial muscles by making many different facial expressions or exercises or contortions (twisted into a strained shape or expression) of “smiling, frowning, moving the facial muscles UP and DOWN and LEFT and RIGHT and a variety of exercises that you can choose from as to your personal choice and to those that could be watching you, and 3) using a soft wash cloth and cleansing with soap cleans the skin and opens the pores.

As you perform the massage, inhale very deeply and exhale a big breath. Repeat this process at least 5 times or more often as time allows. The goal is to relax all of the muscles of your face while encouraging better circulation into the skin of the face and for proper exiting through the veins.

Exercise for Stress Reduction

Exercise aerobically to alkalize your body by replacing carbon dioxide with oxygen. Exercise in moderation to reduce the build-up of lactic acid. When your muscles begin to “burn,” you know that lactic acid is building up. If you exercise regularly, try to break up your sessions for a maximum of fifteen to thirty minutes at a time and remember to hydrate the body by drinking more water on days you are exercising

Avoid Astringent of all types ranging from soaps to after shave lotions, etc

Astringent soaps, toners and after shaves shrink the skin pores trapping more body oils in the skin and irritate the skin that is already sensitive. These would include items such as after shave lotions, witch hazel, oatmeal, rubbing alcohol, very cold water, etc. and alum

Quit Smoking

Please do not smoke or “please stop smoking” as soon as you can slowly reduce your dependence on smoking. It is very addictive and very acidic causing more rosacea problems as well as the great potential of lung cancer. Smoking research has shown that smoking is very detrimental to the skin and overall health as it shortens the body of oxygen which is alkaline. You already know what happens when the body and brain do not get sufficient oxygen; if in doubt, hold your breath for 45 seconds while in front of a mirror, and observe how pink you become before you pass out due to the acidic build up of carbon dioxide. As smoking causes the body and brain to be more acidic while living tissue needs to be alkaline, skin cell regeneration is slowed down tremendously.

Manage Body Weight

A few thoughts on positive rosacea control, weight loss control, as well as mental hygiene is to think the following Lifestyle Creed: “I make time for myself each day, making sure that I identify and meet my personal needs. After unexpected setbacks, I bounce back quickly to my healthful routines, I am patient with my rate of weight loss and I am motivated to continue healthful habits no matter how much I lose each week. As I evaluate my progress each day with a daily diary of foods, water, and other fluids, stress, allergy conditions, and sun exposure, I notice if my habits start to slip, and I take immediate action to get back on track. I take full responsibility for my health, fitness, and overall well-being and realize it is up to me and no one can do it for me. As I work out regularly and moderately in a cool exercise area while well hydrated, I reap the benefits of a slimmer, healthier body. My self-talk is positive, kind, gentle, and loving. My drive to reach and maintain my goals is inextinguishable. As I am in control of my meal plan, stress plan, and life plan as an adult, I know that I may choose to have and do whatever I wish as that will be responsible as the adult that I am. I courageously follow the path of change even in the face of new obstacles and new challenges”. Eat three small meals rather than one big meal to help prevent rosacea flare-ups. Also graze between meals to keep the blood sugar level up. When eating always take into consideration consider calorie intake and weight control.

Be sure to balance your nutrition even if you are reducing your calorie intake. Many people are particularly deficient in the beneficial polyunsaturated fats provided by seafood, such as Omega-3 DHA.


Plan your schedule to achieve at least 8 hours of sleep each night to prevent the body from becoming stressed. Chronic sleep deprivation takes a toll on immune surveillance.

Avoid Stress

Stress can be anything that disrupts your body’s natural balance. Typically, we think of stress as a reaction to a perceived threat. The pulse rises, the muscles tense, and the immune system begins to shut down as the body prepares for “fight or flight.” Many rosacea sufferers notice a flushing of the face as adrenal acid is added to the body system, but the harmful effects of stress go far beyond a red face. Those who cannot relieve stress as needed may also experience fatigue, upset stomach, and frequent headaches. These symptoms get much worse over time if the body stays in a stressful state.