Customer Instructions

Thank you for your Rosacea-Ltd order! 

Whether you are a new or returning customer, we’re thrilled that you are starting or continuing to use our Rosacea product.  As rosacea patients ourselves, the principals of Rosacea-ltd know how upsetting and difficult rosacea’s many symptoms can be for you, both physically and emotionally.

You’ve probably tried many other products (from doctors and elsewhere) in the effort to treat your rosacea symptoms.  These treatments likely produced limited or disappointing results for you.   We however believe wholeheartedly in Rosacea-Ltd.  For ourselves and many others, it works when nothing else will.  In an effort to conform to FDA guidelines concerning product claims, we insist on letting the results of using Rosacea-ltd speak for itself.   In addition to our own experience and outcome using the product, you can read scores of excellent customer reviews of the product on our website and elsewhere online that have appeared over many years.  In addition to aiding with Rosacea symptoms, this product is known to be helpful with eczema, acne, and dermatitis.

In order to see full results from the application of Rosacea-Ltd, it’s important that you follow the instructions included here carefully. Apply nothing to your skin that treats rosacea or acne that is not included and explained in these instructions. Continue to use any other topical medication you need for other non-skin related conditions.  Do not stop any medications taken orally without consulting your doctor.

Please read the entire letter of instructions prior to starting use of Rosacea-Ltd.  While very simple, these instructions are carefully designed for you and will greatly enhance the efficacy of Rosacea LTD. 

Application Procedure 1 

This is the most important step – Ensure you are adequately hydrated with water.  Please drink approximately 12 (8oz) glasses of water a day 5 days before starting treatment. We recommend consuming approximately 10-12 (8oz) glasses of water daily after the 5 day period.  Please listen to your body also and your bodily needs. A higher daily intake of water is absolutely essential.  We strongly recommend you read the information on “lifestyle changes” available on our web site at Rosacea sufferers tend to have redder faces, run hotter, and need more water than the average person.  Water is essential for skin tissue regeneration, and studies show that as many as 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Increasing your water intake will help to reduce facial redness.  Most city and well water is normally alkaline (above 7.0 pH) which is good for your rosacea skin, however, most bottled water is acidic or below 7.0 pH which makes your body more acidic and bad for rosacea.  Meanwhile, alcohol, soda, iced tea and/or coffee can cause facial flushing, are abrasive to the bodily organs including the skin, and are diuretics which draw water out of the body/ skin cells.

Application Procedure 2

Please stop all other topical medications for rosacea, acne, eczema, ect. This includes anti-wrinkle creams/serums, skin exfoliants, masks, etc.  Continue using any other topical medication you need for other non-skin related conditions. Please refrain from using light laser and light surgery treatments. Cleanse the skin with either Neutrogena (the transparent facial bar) "dry skin formula - fragrance free" is very good, just as the Dove "normal white bar" that has been known for years for use on sensitive skin.  Please use Jojoba Oil (as directed below) for at least 5 days prior to starting Rosacea-Ltd. Your skin needs this time to heal from the acidic and harsh products typically used to treat rosacea. Jojoba Oil is a wonderful skin moisturizer when the skin is dry and works synergistically with Rosacea-Ltd.  

Application Procedure 3

Start by applying the tan colored Rosacea-Ltd disk once in the evening before bed after showering or washing your face. Wet your face for 10 to 20 seconds with a washcloth using warm water to hydrate the skin well. Continuing to use warm water and a washcloth, wash the facial skin. After washing well, rinse with cool water to calm the redness from the warm water washing. Leave your face “100% wet,” take one drop of Jojoba oil and apply it to the face.  Apply Rosacea-Ltd by gently gliding (not rubbing) the tan disc to the affected areas using a circular motion. All that is required is one small pass of about 2-4 seconds for each side of the face.  ‘Less is more’ is a good adage to bear in mind when applying the product.  The process will dissolve off a small, almost invisible film onto your skin. If you see any noticeable coloration, you are probably using too much. As there are different sensitivities and degrees of infected or inflamed areas, apply only one very thin circular application to reduce any tingling/stinging sensation, and to find the proper amount of application. Either the domed area or the flat base area of the disk can be used to reach the appropriate areas. Allow the skin to air dry. Feel free to remove any excess particles by whisking with a dry towel after 5 minutes of natural air-drying.

We recommend people start with applying the tan disk once daily, preferably before bedtime in accord with the instructions above. If you feel too much stinging, you might be applying too much or your skin needs more time to heal before starting the treatment.  In that case, please apply less and/or implement “lifestyle changes” on the website before use.

After 10 days of nighttime only application, your skin will have become accustomed to the tan Rosacea-Ltd disc, and you may begin to use the tan Rosacea-Ltd disc in the morning as well. Again, wash your face before the morning application.  Approximately five minutes after the application of Rosacea-Ltd, you may apply make-up, foundation, etc. as desired or if needed. You may apply an additional drop of Jojoba Oil if the skin still appears to be dry. Likewise, sun block or sunscreen may be used at this time.

After three weeks we believe you will find a marked improvement in the texture, tone, and overall condition of your skin. Facial redness, flaking, pustules, and papules should also markedly improve.   The feeling of tight, itchy, aggravated skin should be much improved. Always use a washcloth to cleanse the skin to remove Rosacea-Ltd and body oil, etc. upon awaking, after work, and at bedtime to prevent clogged pores.

After using the tan Rosacea-Ltd for at least 6 weeks, begin using the yellow/white sulfurized Rosacea-Ltd at night and discontinue the tan nighttime application. This will allow your skin to accept the yellow/white sulfurized Rosacea-Ltd with less sensitivity. Use the yellow/white Rosacea-Ltd only at night sparingly for one second on each side of the face and again build up gradually as the yellow/white sulfurized is much “stronger” than the tan. Continue to use the tan disk in the morning. Most like to use the yellow/white Rosacea-Ltd IV at home or at bedtime and use the tan for work or social events.

We have found that some of our customers over time find success with only applying the tan disc while some only order the yellow discs depending on what they find works best for them and their unique skin chemistry.  Please continue to order the product what works best for you.

The effect of the product is counterintuitive.  You may in fact experience tingling/stinging (at times intense) for about 1 minute after application.  It’s very common and evidence that product is at work.  At first, customers may think that tingling is a sign that it is aggravating their rosacea affected skin.  To the contrary, Rosacea-Ltd it will ultimately have a profoundly calming effect on the skin generally and rosacea affected areas specifically.  As customers use the product over time, they often report that the tingling/stinging is pronounced on application in the evening if they have a particularly large/fatty meal or consumed a substantial amount of alcohol.   

For the Ocular Symptoms of Rosacea

Eye involvement is quite common with rosacea. Cleanse the eye area as directed above for the facial skin. The tan Rosacea-Ltd IV disk may be applied over the eyelids and around the eyes to calm the redness and burning in the eye area by using only a one half (1/2) second application or a 'touch' application. This can be done either by leaving the eyelid area damp after cleansing and gliding the disk over the closed upper eyelid and to the skin below the eye or by rubbing the disk over the damp fingertip and then patting it above and below the eye. The application itself will be invisible on the skin and it only takes a very tiny amount to see substantial results. 

Again, increasing your water intake will increase the moisture in the eye, thus decreasing irritation. We also suggest you include a good Omega-3 fish oil supplement at least several times per week. The health benefits of Omega 3’s are well documented and will aid in easing the discomfort of ocular rosacea. Anti-wrinkle creams applied around the eye area can also be a source of an ocular flare.  The anti-aging ingredients in these creams/serums are often too harsh and aggressive for the sensitive or delicate skin around the eye area. To topically minimize the wrinkles, apply a drop of jojoba oil at night and during the day.

Dry the Rosacea-Ltd disk by patting or blotting it with a towel & store on an aerated soap stand for complete drying. The ingredients are made to dissolve onto wet skin, so likewise they will dissolve by themselves if allowed to stay in a damp or wet area. Please be aware that Rosacea-Ltd. is slightly brittle and will break or chip if dropped or struck against a hard surface, please you handle it with care. Please do not store the Rosacea-Ltd disk in the shipping container unless it is completely dry. Use the container when traveling if desired after drying properly. On reaching your destination, place the disk on an aerated soap stand, comb, or hairbrush for complete drying. 

Before and after beginning to use Rosacea-Ltd please review the Rosacea Ltd website at   It contains much information about Rosacea and skin conditions generally and is updated frequently. If you have questions at all or need assistance at any time, please send us an email at:

When you find Rosacea-Ltd works well for you, please tell other rosacea sufferers.

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