Pollen and Contact Blushing & Rosacea

Pollen and mold spores from flowering plants, trees, grasses and weeds are also an allergy-related form of skin redness and flushing. Rosacea partially results from an immune system malfunction and allergies occur as a result of a compromised immune system, so it is common for rosacea sufferers to also experience pollen and mold related allergy flushing. The symptoms of a mold/pollen flush include skin redness, inflammation, itchy red watery eyes, hives or blistering of the skin, facial redness and congestion.

Mold spores occur in damp environments and therefore may be found not only outside but also in the moisture rich environment of the bathroom. To control indoor mold sanitize the areas a diluted Clorox mixture or a sanitizing cleanser.

Avoid or limit outdoor time during the peak pollen times in your area. If needed where a surgical mask to reduce inhaled pollens. Change the air filters in your home often and try to avoid tracking pollen into the home from your shoes. Vacuum the carpets often.