Health Insurance

The flex spending or health savings account may be used to order Rosacea-Ltd IV

U.S. Customers Only

Purchasing Rosacea-Ltd is easy and affordable when your purchase through your Insurance or Heath Maintenance Organization’s Flex Spending or Health Savings Account” or whatever assistance that you may gain through your employment. A Flexible Spending Account, sometimes referred to as a Health Savings Account, is used to cover the cost of medical expenses not covered by insurance; this may include deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance for the employee’s health plan, but can also include expenses not covered by the health plan, such as vision expenses, dental and other non-prescription medications or medical supplies. A medical FSA cannot pay for any controlled substances (in violation of federal law), health insurance premiums, cosmetic surgery, cosmetic supplies, or items that are advertised to improve one’s general health. All items covered must have the intended purpose to prevent or treat a particular medical condition such as rosacea. If you wish to use your Flex Pay or Health Savings account when ordering Rosacea-Ltd please let us know in the comment section of the order form so we may prepare an additional receipt for you as needed by your insurance plan. We at Bass & Boney Pharmaceutical, Inc. are committed to helping you in every way possible in the management of your rosacea. We strive to make the treatment and management of rosacea as easy and stress free as possible with a variety of ordering options available. We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover cards, you can pay by money order or personal check and PayPal as well as using your flex pay or health savings account.

The only thing you can lose are your rosacea problems. You will find that purchasing Rosacea-Ltd IV is less expensive than your co-pay insurance, and will improve the appearance of your rosacea redness, acne pimples, rosacea papules and seborrheic dermatitis.

Compare your co-pay for your insurance currently and compare the results with our one hundred percent refund policy within one hundred twenty days.

Rosacea-Ltd is very cost effective at $98.00 for one tan and one yellow disk which will last approximately twelve months. Rosacea-Ltd IV is very inexpensive while providing much happiness in the beauty of your skin for an investment of $0.27 per day (which is roughly 1/4 the cost of a coffee or coke). You may wish to compare this investment with your past year of expenses for rosacea product and without driving for a doctor’s office visit and pharmacy pick up. Rosacea-Ltd delivers major results for a minimal cost.