Food That Causes Facial Redness

The vascular induced flushing resulting from heavy carb and sugar spikes causes the digestive system to react to the increase in vascular dilation with its increased blood flow, visually this is seen as facial redness or a flushed appearance. Avoiding spikes from high energy burns and heavy meals through the consumption of balanced meals with small healthy snacks in between can help to regulate the sugar/carb spikes and control facial redness and flushing.

Foods with a high acidic pH are identified on the pH scale in the 1 to 3 range are digested and dispersed quickly into the blood stream causing high glucose spikes. These foods would include such things as alcohol, candies, cookies, donuts and foods containing high sugar content. On the facial skin this relates to faster, high impact flushing event.

The more complex carbohydrates including root vegetables, meats and some fruits create a slower released energy burn providing the body with more sustained energy, less physical fatigue and reduced facial flushing.

Fiber based foods have a higher pH, a slower digestion and burn rate. This gives us the sensation of feeling fuller after the meal. High fiber foods provide a slow energy burn and do not result in vascular flushing or facial redness.

The proteins of most fruits and vegetables provide the body and brain with many nutrients with a high pH that are needed to repair the body and facial tissue for the best “rosacea diet” while carbohydrates are needed for energy and is most often stored as fat.