Food Allergy Blushing & Rosacea

The flushing and skin redness that results from the effects of a food allergy while not an actual rosacea induced flush is a common flushing event among many rosacea patients as many also experience food allergies. The symptoms of a food allergy can include congestion, itching, skin redness, hives, facial flushing, and possibly fluid-filled pustules on the skin. There may be eye involvement, in which the eyes become red, inflamed, itchy, irritated and watery. Identifying your food allergy can be done through monitoring and recording those foods you consumed prior to the allergic reaction and verified through allergy testing. Some of the foods most prone to cause an allergic reaction include nuts and especially peanuts, melons and dairy. To learn more about food allergy flushing see our Food Allergy Rosacea Alkaline Foods page.