Early spring with all its pollen and allergy related issues can be a very difficult and trying time for rosacea sufferers. When your eyes are red, watery and itchy how can you determine if it’s an ocular rosacea flare or an allergy related flare? With an allergy related ocular flare, you normally won’t experience sinus congestion as you would with allergies. But regardless of the cause, allergy or rosacea, the discomfort is very real and much the same. Combating and treating ocular issues is challenging.

Treating ocular rosacea can be aided by increasing your water intake to increase hydration. The eye is composed of 96% water so added moisture to the body will have a direct effect in overcoming the dryness and itching related to ocular rosacea. Hydration can also benefit an allergy induced ocular condition as the increased fluid to the eye can ease the irritation and help to flush the pollen from the eye.
Minimizing your time spent outdoors during the dry, breezy days of spring can help to less eye irritation. Cold compresses on the eyes can ease irritation and swelling. Cold cucumber slices applied to the closed eyelids are also beneficial in easing inflammation, pain and swelling. Place the cucumber slices over the closed eyelid for ten to fifteen minutes for much needed soothing relief. The tan Rosacea-ltd disk can be lightly applied over the dampened closed eyelid to help soothe redness, irritation and inflammation. This procedure can be repeated twice a day as needed.

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