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An accumulation of body acids affects the bones very much as our bones are the biggest sources of alkaline minerals, which are antioxidants or the opposite of acids which are oxidant. These alkaline minerals or antioxidants (such as iron, zinc, copper, iodine, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, fluoride, sodium chloride, and potassium chloride) are vital to bones, organs, brain, and skin tissue life. When the pH balance becomes more “acidic” the minerals shift by the process of osmosis from the bones to the kidney and gall bladder creating very uncomfortable kidney stones, gall stones, or “bone stones”.

Demodex mites find a better host environment in the rosacea patient with a low immune. The demodex mite or demodex folliculorum, is provided a host environment that is warm and with plenty of food in the hair follicles of the human. Reducing stress helps to reduce the oil (food) for the demodex mite.

Bones and teeth (which are just specialized bones), are composed of 70% hydroxyapatite, a mineral which includes calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, calcium fluoride, calcium hydroxide and citrate, while the remaining 30% are organic compounds of which 90 to 95% is collagen, the rest being non-collagenous proteins.

Blood cells are produced by the marrow located within our bones. An average of 2.6 million red blood cells are produced each second by the bone marrow to replace the weathered red blood cells. Our bones serve as a storage area for minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. When an enough minerals with a pH high enough build up in the blood, it allows for a regeneration of the the bones. And the opposite also occurs, when the supply of these minerals within the blood is low, it will be withdrawn from the bones to replenish the needs of the body organs inclusive of the brain and the skin. Thus the visible organs of the body which are the eyes and skin and the invisible organs of the body including the brain will make a withdrawal from the body’s bone account just as you would your own financial bank account. And now you will understand that our bones are an organ not only to support us but to protect the vital internal organs and also to be a storage area for building up and withdrawals of vital nutrients & minerals as well as the production of red blood cells. You can enjoy more life and you will have plenty of life to enjoy in further years with less or no rosacea if you can imagine this. Yes, there can be more happiness after you have taken the correct steps at reducing your facial problems through the best rosacea treatment.

The acidic/alkaline scale is logarithmic; meaning that each number is ten times “stronger or more potent” than the preceding number. For example, a pH of 2 is ten times more acidic than a pH of 3 and one hundred times more acidic than a pH of 4. So you will now be able to more easily understand why a rosacea sufferer needs to minimize the acidic foods and drinks (and do it for a long time to allow damaged rosacea skin to heal) as it takes so many more alkaline foods and drinks to balance or neutralize the acids. In doing so, you will have eliminated the cause or etiology and will have found both the “cure for rosacea” and the “best rosacea treatment”.

Selecting the best foods to increase pH (primarily fruits and vegetables) is the most important part of balancing your Rosacea Flushing Bank Account to prevent overdraw or going into red or flushing. To improve your total body and skin condition, we have prepared our rosacea alkaline food page to help you select the most alkaline foods and avoid the most acidic ones. You don’t have to understand the math, simply drink more alkaline water and alkaline foods from the green side of our rosacea food chart and avoid the more acid food chart foods as much as possible or enjoy them and balance them with the alkaline foods.

Our team of Rosacea Researchers with 60 years of collective research, led by a Johns Hopkins MD, have confirmed that the cause or etiology of rosacea is an immune system disorder. The “good rosacea news” is that your “Rosacea Flushing Bank Account” can be “balanced” to prevent an overdraw or going into the “red” or “rosacea flushing”. Most medical researchers are baffled as to the cause or etiology of rosacea and it remains in contention among them currently. The cause of rosacea has been a hotly debated topic with the result being “One must wonder if they don’t understand the cause, then how can they effectively treat rosacea?” Okay, just continue doing the same thing with marginal or no results is not a good answer. As Dr. Albert Einstein stated, “The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same thinking that created them”.

THE FIRST PLACE TO START is learning of your body pH or waste pH which is the pH of your urine. It is easy to do and only takes about 3 seconds per day once you have the pH strip in hand.

The pH of the total intake of all foods, wines, tea, water, beer or any alcohol, cokes, etc. and of all foods, medications consumed orally, and the stress hormones is all reveled to you in the urine pH. Many companies use a urine analysis to learn of drug use for employees as it tells so very much. The rosacea patient is just trying to learn how ‘acidic’ they are and to remedy their food, drinks and medications to have a healthier skin, body organs and better mental skills as the brain functions much better when it is ‘alkaline’. Only when we are ‘hyper’ from being acidic do we often feel that we are smarter or sharper just because we are in a state of ‘frenzy’ which does not relate to ‘brilliance’ but is usually the opposite.

You can make sure that your water and foods are alkaline by purchasing pH paper at some pharmacies and at many natural food stores (pharmacies do not carry them as there is ‘not enough profit to carry pH strips’) at a cost of about $14 to measure the pH of the water, drink, or foods. If you can’t locate pH test strips in your area by phoning ahead to locate them, you can purchase them online at pHion Balance Your urine should be in the 6.6 to 6.8 pH range as the low pH will reflect the culmination of the body process of removing waste. As you can imagine, if you drink and eat many acidic foods, the result will be deterioration of the skin, body organs, and bones.

You should consider alkaline water to be a miracle drug as it is the best “solvent” on earth as it dissolves, neutralizes, or buffers more substances than any other chemical and is most valuable in our bodies to dissolve acid build up such as cholesterol fats and other fatty acids. Also, water transports valuable minerals & vitamins as nutrients along the way that can penetrate the blood brain barrier (BBB). We think of water as ‘simple’ but very few scientist and medical doctors truly understand water at this time, or ‘simply take water for granted’. Water is also vital for cell regeneration. H2O contains two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. Obviously everyone knows they need oxygen but forget that the two atoms of hydrogen is the chemical element that holds every cell in the body together ranging from the skin to the brain cells. And H20 is needed for new cell regeneration.

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1 gallon =3.753 liter = 4 quarts = 8 pints = 128 ounces = 16 glasses of eight ounces of water. (glass or cup (8 fluid ounces) = 0.24 liter).