Rosacea Research Theory agrees with Dr. Sydney Brenner

Dr. Sydney Brenner ‘hammers factory science’

Dr. Brenner confirms much of our earlier thoughts years ago of ‘thinking outside of the box’ when he states: “Because what we’re looking for is innovation, something new, and you won’t get something new if you work within a completely established mode of work. We need some people to stray off of the standard path and ask new questions.”

As we of Bass & Boney Pharmaceuticals, Inc. always believed, even years ago, as Dr. Brenner states in the
sentences above
, “So I believe that the process should be the other way around. I think what we can do very
well now is to go from bedside to bench.”

If one thinks of the “solution to the problem” in a different way than “factory science” of “beakers
experiments and then finding a sickness to apply it,” then the likelihood of success is much greater.

Working “from the bench to the bedside” is not workable with Dr. Brenner being justified in hammering
‘factory science’. Therefore many pharmaceutical research and development corporations have closed or laid
off many of their medical research employees.

So it appears that Dr. Brenner is right in that we should retire the mice, and for humans to stop running
around like mice, and try not to solve our long term or daily life problems by the ‘same thinking’ that
created our problems.

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