Rosacea Peptides

Dr. Richard Gallo’s

Study confirms our research of the peptide or acidic component to rosacea

We of Bass and Boney Pharmaceuticals, Inc. still confirm that the best rosacea treatment is gained by balancing harmful acid peptides by the use of alkaline drinks and alkaline foods. A few patients may gain additional benefits by the use of Rosacea-Ltd IV without any other medical rosacea products.

The Richard Gallo study of protease activity and cathelicidin states that sufferers of rosacea “express abnormally high levels of cathelicidin in their facial skin and that the proteolytically processed forms of cathelicidin peptides found in rosacea are different from those present in normal individuals.” Cathelicidin is a polypeptide, which is acidic. The study by Richard Gallo does not offer any suggestions for treatment options based on this “new” evidence.

Throughout this web site, we explain that the best cure for rosacea is balancing acid and alkaline in the body. Acids typically found in the body have many names: cholesterol, plaque, fat, and peptides, for instance. All of these acids can be buffered or neutralized with alkaline foods and drinks, as well as relaxation to reduce the production of ‘peptides’ or stress hormones. The peptides in rosacea patients can be solubized or neutralized by water. Others in “pure chemicals” require other solutions.

We of Bass & Boney Pharmaceuticals, Inc. realized in 2003 that “acids or peptides” are the cause of acne rosacea and published our finding on our web site. Our recommendation to rosacea patient remains the same: balance the blood pH, and monitor the pH daily for a month or so by the use of pH strips.

A low blood pH is acidic or high in peptides, sugars, and fats called ‘cathelididins’. The solution is to change the blood pH to more alkaline foods and drinks as mentioned on our Cause and Cure page and Treatments by Lifestyle Changes page. Also learning about the Best Rosacea Diet will inform you of the proper pH of water and foods to consume to neutralize, buffer or balance the acids and increase your blood pH to reduce your rosacea symptoms while gaining a healthier body. Regardless of whether you call or name this problem as: ‘triggers’ causing your face to flush, cholesterol in the arteries causing heart failure, plaque in the arteries of the brain causing strokes, or fat on the stomach and backside, the ‘triggers’ are all ‘peptides’ or ‘acids’ from our drinks, foods and drugs that we consumed. Simply drinking alkaline water (high pH) along with the large selection of higher pH foods as found on our rosacea diet page will improve your health by reducing these acids or peptides.

Obviously many have been heading the wrong way with antibiotics as they are not effective at reducing rosacea but the antibiotics actually cause more redness as antibiotics are peptides with a low pH and are acidic. Other pseudo-treatments such as laser therapy are expensive and often causes more injury to the skin in the long term rather than being helpful.