Ocular Rosacea from Cell Phones

The battery in cell phone creates a warm environment suitable to harboring and growing bacteria. We keep our cell phones very close to us and often don’t stop to wonder what is actually contained on that greasy film that always seems to be evident on the screen. What is actually on that greasy film is scary. There may as many bacteria present on your cell phone as you would expect to find in a public restroom.

On a random test of cell phones from a business office there was found to be an average of 2700 to 4200 units of the bacteria coliform. By comparison the legal limit of these bacteria in drinking water is less than 1 unit per 100 ml of water.

Another random study conducted in 2011 of 100 college students showed their phones to equally contaminated. The majority of these bacteria could be eliminated through proper hygiene and frequent hand-washing. One study found that 20 to 30% of flu causing viruses from your fingers to your phone to your face.

The bacteria that cause eye infections, redness and inflammation are all commonly found on cell phones. It is often said that your eye makeup can be harboring bacteria that result in eye infections; it could also be your cell phone that’s the culprit.