Everyone’s rosacea is unique based on a wide variety of variables such as environment, family history, acidic imbalances in the body, medications or treatments one’s is using or has recently used, dehydration, vitamins and supplements, diet and lifestyle routines. This can make it very difficult to pinpoint the best way to address treatment of one’s specific symptoms in order to achieve control of their rosacea. From time to time despite all efforts, management of rosacea seems to defy all logical medical explanation. As a sign of progress being made in treating rosacea, as recently as 2011 a new subtype or variant of rosacea was identified and named neurogenic rosacea.

Identification of this new variant came about based upon patients for whom all other standard and traditional therapies have proven ineffective. In these patients the symptoms of rosacea appear to be the result of a neurological trigger. In effective they are saying the symptoms which are very real have a neurological basis. While not stating that they believe the symptoms are ‘all in your head or a product of your imagination’ they have found that for a large number of people for whom, nothing has worked and standard treatments have not controlled their symptoms, that anti-depressants or neurological medications have been beneficial in reducing inflammation and facial redness.

Another consideration of neurogenic rosacea is the classical at Rosacea-Ltd IV as we understand rosacea and other concurrent body disorders.

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