Man With Severe Rosacea

The picture of rosacea is an ever changing cycle of symptoms which are influenced by many factors. Severe Rosacea, as shown in the image below, is rare; however, it provides a reference point. The symptoms of rosacea vary substantially from one person to another. The specific symptoms of your rosacea can also vary substantially from day to day and hour to hour. Rosacea consists of one or more primary symptoms and may include other secondary symptoms.

Taking a picture of your rosacea can be beneficial in helping you to see what everyone else sees. Keeping a rosacea treatment and photo journal can be beneficial in tracking your rosacea treatment progress. Photos taken before and during the course of a treatment regimen can help to judge how effective your rosacea treatment really is. When keeping a rosacea food diary, they can also help to identify the causes of rosacea flushes.

The chronic, progressive skin disorder of rosacea can be tracked by pictures taken at various intervals of life. The photo shown below is of a male with a moderate stage of rosacea redness but with severe rosacea papules. There is no sign of perioral dermatitis. Rhinophyma, which is more common in male patients, is in the beginning stage. There is no sign of an acneform component. This face is moderate in redness with no acne pimples.

The clinical rosacea picture does not illustrate any of the dry flaky patches commonly associated with seborrheic dermatitis. It is difficult to tell what degree of rosacea-related skin sensitivity may be present.

The eyes in this rosacea picture do not show an ocular component of rosacea.

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Man with Rosacea
Man with Rosacea

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