Jojoba Oil

Moisturizers can be helpful in protecting the rosacea skin from dryness. Rosacea-Ltd IV suggests using Jojoba oil (100% pure with no preservatives). Jojoba oil can normally be found at GNC stores in the United States and Canada and can be purchased in most health stores throughout the world or purchase online at JojobaCare. Use the Jojoba oil as directed below before the application of Rosacea-Ltd IV.

After washing the face with any one of these two soaps that are easy to locate and inexpensive such as the Neutrogena (the transparent facial bar) “dry skin formula – fragrance free” or the well known Dove ‘Sensitive Skin Unscented Beauty Bar’, then place one drop of Jojoba oil in your ‘wet hands.’ Rub the hands together so that the one drop is equally divided and dispersed over both hands. Apply Jojoba oil with wet hands equally to both sides of a face which is 100% wet. After application of Jojoba oil, apply Rosacea-Ltd IV according to the instructions. The sensitive or damaged rosacea skin needs small concentrations of Jojoba oil for the following reasons:

  1. To help reverse damage to the epidermis caused by harsh soaps, facial washes, and rosacea topical medications.
  2. To help replace moisture lost from the use of facial washes and topical medications.
  3. To help enhance skin healing (cell division and growth) within the middle layer of the epidermis.
  4. To help penetration of topical Rosacea-Ltd IV through the epidermis.
  5. To help normalize sebum excretion (related to acne).
  6. To help normalize keratin sloughing off from the dermis (related to acne).
  7. To help normalize the production of inflammatory substances in the dermis of the skin.

The importance of Jojoba oil derives from its similarity to the natural restorative oil produced by the sebaceous glands in the dermal layers of the skin. Jojoba oil is non-allergenic and will not clog the pores.

For patients with dry skin or for women who need a moisturizer before applying their make-up, we recommend another drop of Jojoba oil. And if your facial skin is still dry after 30 minutes after the initial Jojoba Oil application, then apply one additional drop of Jojoba oil in your ‘wet hands’ and rub the hands together to distribute the Jojoba Oil and apply it to the dry areas.

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