Ocular Roascea Iritis

Located in the center of the eye, the iris also called the pupil gives the eye its color. The iris is composed of fibers of muscles that regulate the degree of light entering the pupil enabling us to see clearly.

The iris is quite sensitive and can easily become inflamed or swollen due to any number of causes. Iritis is the term used to define a collection of conditions involving the inflammation of the iris and surrounding tissue.

Exposure to chemicals, viruses, foreign bacteria, cleaning detergents and air borne pollutants can result in a variation of iritis called Iridocyclitis. In addition to swelling of the eye, the symptoms of Iridocyclitis include pain in the eyes, redness, and vision impairment involving spots before the eyes, cloudy vision, or diminished visual ability. In some instances one may experience the sensation of having dirt or foreign particles in the eye.

Another form of swelling in the eye is Hypopyon iritis. In this instance the swelling is a direct result of pus or fluids leaking into the eye. These fluids are comprised of white blood cells accumulating and draining from behind the iris into the front of the eye in a reactionary process triggered by the eye to fight infection.

Left untreated, any variant of iritis can result in some degree of permanent sight damage. Some steps that can be taken to ensure proper eye health include keeping the body well hydrated as the eye is made up of over 90% water and the addition of Omega 3 supplements to the diet in the form of foods rich in omega 3’s or vitamins. At the first sign of infection, a twice daily application of Rosacea-Ltd can help to speed up the healing process.