The ingredients in the cream or ointment prescribed to treat your rosacea may actually aggravate or worsen your rosacea. Often times it’s not the primary ingredient that causes problems but the additives used to preserve the medication, keep it from drying out too quickly in the package or used to allow it to glide more easily over the skin that can be the source of additional irritation, redness, and dryness or skin rashes.

One such ingredient which can be difficult to avoid is Sodium lauryl sulfate. When this ingredient is applied to the skin through the use of creams, lotions, shampoo or topical medications, it results in a thinning of the protective outer layer of the skin.

When the top layer of the skin is damaged the result is an increased susceptibility to bacteria and infections, the skin’s ability to hold moisture is compromised resulting in increased dryness and itching, and an increase in skin redness as the body’s immune system will direct an increase of blood flow through the blood vessels to the area shore up its defenses to protect against germs and bacteria that may enter the body through the weakened skin tissue.

This often the reason why people will find that a treatment that worked for one person does not work for them or you may find that over time a treatment quits working as effectively and may even cause your skin condition to worsen. This can be very frustrating when trying to treat skin conditions such as rosacea because you begin to feel that nothing will work for you.

Because ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate is found in so many skin care and personal care products it can almost impossible to avoid some contact with it. The solution is to find rosacea skin care treatments that contain as few ingredients as possible – often times the product contains a lot of fillers with only a very small amount of the actual active ingredient. And look for treatments which limit the amount of chemical additives. One such rosacea treatment option is Rosacea-Ltd who’s ingredients are limited to all natural compounds including sulfur, sodium chloride, zinc oxide, copper oxide, iron oxide, cornstarch, polyethylene glycol (for a smooth gliding application to the skin).

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