Glossary G

Rosacea Definitions


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Gene – the material that forms the biologic code for who we are. This code is passed on to our children.

Genetic – Having to do with genes and genetic information.

Genital – area of the body pertaining to the external and internal organs of reproduction.

Glycolic Acid – is a Fruit acid containing natural chemicals and is also known as alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). It occurs naturally in certain fruits, including grapes, citrus and apples, which are then modified in a laboratory. AHA’s are sometimes used in the treatment of adult acne.

Gravitational Eczema – (Nummular Eczema) “discoid” or “nummular” dermatitis, which means coin or disc-shaped patches which commonly occur on the lower leg. They can be several centimeters across, or as small as two millimeters. The skin between the patches is usually normal, but may be dry and irritable. Discoid eczema symptoms may cause the skin to be extremely itchy, or scarcely noticeable.

Groin – In anatomy, the area where the upper thigh meets the trunk. More precisely, the fold or depression marking the juncture of the lower abdomen and the inner part of the thigh.

Guttate psoriasis – symptoms characterized by red, drop-like dots on the skin. Small, drop-shaped lesions on the trunk, limbs and scalp.