There are many things that can trigger rosacea and each person is unique and what triggers their rosacea and the severity of their response to that trigger is different in each person. But most rosacea sufferers seem to react to some degree to five common triggers; these being dehydration, stress, topical creams, lotions or gels applied to the skin, spicy foods, and sunlight.

Rosacea dehydration determines the degree and extent of facial redness, the dryness of the skin, the amount of itching present with the rosacea flare and the skin’s ability to absorb moisture and topical medications used to treat the rosacea.
Rosacea stress is both an emotional response to everyday life situations and can also be triggered by the ordeal of rosacea itself. Rosacea stress may be the result of dehydration creating a strain on the body and the body’s organs.

Rosacea triggered by topicals applied to the skin. This type of rosacea is triggered by the ingredients in the topical. Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle or exfoliating products work to remove the outer protective layer of skin in their wording ‘reveal the younger, less wrinkled skin’. But the younger skin is even more sensitive as it has been exposed to not only the chemical process of skin removal to be ‘revealed’ but also it has not yet matured enough to be fully operational as the protective barrier our skin is meant to be.

Spicy foods are thermally hot and produce heat within the body causing the skin to become flushed. It doesn’t mean you have to give up the spicy foods you enjoy just keep the body well hydrated prior to and after ingesting the spicier foods.

Sunlight provides the body with much needed Vitamin D but too long I the sun and your skin will burn. Try to avoid direct prolonged exposure in the hotter parts of the day and again counter-act the effects of the sun by keeping the body well hydrated.

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