Geri has been using Rosacea-Ltd since 2000. Geri tried metronidazole in the past with little to no improvement in her symptoms. She keeps her symptoms of facial redness, pimples and papules to a minimum with the daily use of Rosacea-Ltd. She states that “Every rosacea sufferer should try your product! It has given me my life back!”

Additional comments and original email:

Name: Geri

Date Submitted: 11/13/2014

This is my 4th order. I only use your product for skin care, plus sun screen, and mineral make up. I recommend your product to everyone!!!!

I discovered your product early in my rosacea life and LOVE it. I’ve given up gluten, which helps tremendously and drink water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to sometimes cut the monotony of drinking so much water, wash my face with Neutrogena soap as directed (the shaving cream option caused sensitivity for me) and I only use jojoba oil with the discs. I have been using the tan disc by day and white disc by night. They lasted me a year.

I have flare ups when I don’t drink enough water and cheat with gluten.

Every rosacea sufferer should try your product! It has given me my life back!

Why is your product and research never mentioned in the national rosacea society newsletters? All they seem to talk about is antibiotics and surgery.

Rosacea Flushing and Redness In identifying the triggers that initiate flushing, we can learn to control them.

Rosacea-Ltd Lifestyle Recommendations Sometimes it’s the habits we get into that affect and even cause our rosacea to worsen, identifying and changing these habits can have a big positive impact on your skin.