Sara has controlled and managed her rosacea symptoms for two years with Rosacea-Ltd. Since running out of the disks, she describes her current symptoms today as moderate papules with a moderate degree of facial redness and ocular rosacea.

Additional comments and original email:

Name: Sara

Date Submitted: 10/19/2014

The papules have come back since I ran out of your product which had kept it under control for 2 years. I now have papules that have come up and broken on my nose. I don’t know if I have ocular rosacea for sure but the edges of my eyes are constantly red, itchy and crusty morning and night and occasionally get a clogged oil duct that is very painful. Please send more so I can make it go away again. I am still having a lot of hot flashes daily which makes my face flush. I am only using the recommended mild cleanser on my face and nothing else. Thank you.

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