Cindy described her rosacea symptoms as consisting of mild acne pimples, mild rosacea papules with a moderate degree of facial redness and flushing.

Her previous treatments included Clindamycin, metro cream, Oracea, Proactive, and Baby Quasar laser. Cindy tells us her symptoms improved within two weeks of starting Rosacea-Ltd. Even her dermatologist was impressed with her results and in reviewing the ingredients in Rosacea-Ltd told her based on the ingredients, the improvement in her skin made sense. She also told her that unfortunately many of the routinely prescribed rosacea medications do not go a very effective job of addressing the symptoms of rosacea.

Additional comments and original email:

Name: Cindy

Date Submitted: 10/03/2014

Good Morning,

I have never, ever given a review on any product; so here goes my first!

I had been to a dermatologist and was prescribed the routine meds for the condition. Of course, my face got worse. I did some research; found your website, learned a lot, ordered the LTD discs….. my face cleared in about two weeks. I went back to my dermatologist and she and her nurse were complimenting me on my skin. They said it looked great. I told them what I was using and the ingredients in them. The dermatologist said that it made sense to her. She admitted that the meds routinely prescribed for rosacea did not do a very good job for the condition. She felt like the medical community needed to look for another option.

I have now been using Rosacea LTD for a year, the discs last for a long time, but I will definitely re-order as needed. I recommend them to anyone that I know who has the condition, even my younger brother.

Thank you so much!


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