Ed described his rosacea symptoms as consisting of ocular rosacea, mild facial redness with moderate acne pimples and moderate rosacea papules.

His previous past treatments included Metrogel, Doxycycline for an eighteen month period and before that he originally tried some OTC HC stuff though without results so did not use these for very long. Upon reading the website he remarked on some lifestyle suggestions that he found helpful and decided to pursue including, “I have good feeling about your product. I plan to cut the amount of beer significantly. Going to get more sleep. Only going to have one glass of Matcha tea daily.”

Additional comments and original email:

Name: Ed

Date Submitted: 9/19/2014

This is my second order of IV. This along with diet change has been the cure. THANKS!! Rosacea IV has been GREAT. Also use Synergy Company product PureSynergy first thing every morning and eliminated all other vitamins. Your site is very informative.

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