Larry started been using Rosacea-Ltd in 2000. His symptoms included ocular rosacea, moderate acne pimples, and moderate rosacea papules with mild to moderate episodes of facial flushing. In the past he has found that use of some rosacea products resulted in skin sensitivity with an increase in itching and skin rashes.

Of all the rosacea treatments he has tried he reports that Rosacea-Ltd is the only product that worked to improve his rosacea symptoms. He states that he has seen a 95% improvement in the condition and appearance of his skin since starting Rosacea-Ltd.

Name: Larry

Date Submitted: 11/05/2014

Your product is the only one that works for me. Rosacea is 95% improved since starting to use Rosacea-Ltd IV four years ago. Diet, adequate sleep ad stress are huge factors. Washing my face with cold water has made a huge difference as well. A big thank you!

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