When describing her rosacea symptoms, Janette tells us, ‘I do have an isolated pimple occasionally. Currently I only wash with jojoba oil and moisturize with jojoba oil and sea buckthorn oil. I had a bad reaction to Ovace (sulfacetamide), so I hope that doesn’t mean I will react the same way to this product. I responded very well physically to Ovace, though, and my bumps cleared substantially. I live where it is hot and humid in the summer.

My rosacea is mild, mainly burning and stinging with small bumps that are fluid-filled and not noticeable from a distance. I have lived with bumps, i.e. that have never fully cleared, for year. Sometimes I have pinkness, but only when reacting to new products. I would classify my rosacea as extremely mild, persistent, bothersome due to discomfort, and primarily associated with tiny bumps with clear fluid localized around my mouth and sometimes cheeks.

In addition to the Ovace, Janette had been prescribed Desonide for intense flares, and doxycycline.

Additional comments and original email:

Name: Janette

Date Submitted: 9/23/2014

Two months after starting Rosacea-Ltd, Janette writes, “Thank you for this outstanding life-changing product. Please never discontinue. I have the most sensitive skin. My dermatologist called me, ‘product reactive’ and said it could be that we had exhausted all pharmaceutical options. Thank goodness for the stones!”

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