Jennifer has had rosacea symptoms for three years. She has oily skin, mild facial redness with seborrhea dermatitis and some ocular rosacea symptoms. She finds that her skin tends to breakout with the use of many different topical skin treatments and products.

Jennifer’s past treatments included a topical steroid cream for facial eczema, astringents and facial toners, and EltaMd with spf.

Additional comments and original email:

Name: Jennifer

Email: Not Available

Date Submitted: 7/09/2014

I used to have redness and tingling, itching and un-comfortableness until I started using LTD salts a year ago, I have used up my first discs and am ready and very willing and happy for more. Thanks for such a worthwhile product that really and truly works!

I went to a dermatologist in the first place due to a “scratch” that wouldn’t heal. After changing my facial routine (see below) the scratch healed but is still very red and tingles. The doctor said it is not cancer and has to do with rosacea. She said the scratch was atop of a well of blood, or vessels and the blood is very close to the surface. The spot is a different texture than the other skin. It has been this way for 10 months. I was told to use metrogel for this spot and my face over all, but after reading reviews I want to avoid it. I want a natural approach.

My rosacea is not terrible, but I am doing this for prevention-sake. I was told it would get worse without treatment. I do have itchy, red circles on my cheeks all the time. I would say out of ten, (1 the least and 10 the most) mine is a 4 or 5 sometimes.

I don’t know if I have ocular rosacea. Sometimes my eyes do itch terribly, but they aren’t really red. I just had an eye doctor’s appointment and came out with healthy results, however I never mentioned rosacea to the doctor.

Right now through my own research I have stopped using all astringents, started using a non-soap cleanser, upped my essential fatty acids in my diet, and use jojoba oil at night, and also EltaMd with spf on my face during the day.

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