Craig has had rosacea since 2001.

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Name: Craig

Email: Not Available

Date Submitted: 7/04/2014

I am 34 years old and my Rosacea symptoms started at 21 years old.
There is nothing worse than the flushing feeling and pustules that go along with Rosacea. It affected me physically and emotionally, specifically my confidence in myself over time. I believe Rosacea is truly a disabilitating skin condition.
I was taking antibiotics to control the Rosacea symptoms through my 20’s, but I knew that staying on antibiotics long-term was not the answer and a major health concern.

A good friend recommended Rosacea LTD and I pessimistically tried it, having no luck with other “non-prescription” Rosacea medications in the past.
Within a week, the redness and pustules were going away. If I got a new blemish, the Rosacea LTD would help clear up the blemish dramatically faster than normal.

My rosacea symptoms today are gone. I get flushed once in a while, usually when drinking alcohol, but in general the condition is 100% under control.

I feel blessed and lucky to have found Rosacea LTD.

Thank you!


Thank you
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