This customer has had rosacea since 2001.

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Date Submitted: 5/04/2014

Rosacea Ltd has literally changed my life.

I was diagnosed with Rosacea in 2001 and soon after developed Seborrheic Dermatitis as well. I was 21 years old.

These 2 conditions are painful and affect your appearance dramatically. I went from being a positive, upbeat confident young man to an insecure, nervous person in about 30 days.

The combination of a red stinging face and not knowing when I would flair up, along with the crusty, painful scabs of SD on my nasal folds made me feel like my life was over.

I visited numerous dermatologists and ultimately ended up on an antibiotic, PERMANENTLY, and several creams for SD. The creams were greasy and although it fixed the flakiness of SD, it was uncomfortable to have on my face and cause more general acne.

Long story short, I was miserable for 5 years. I was referred to Rosacea Ltd by a coworker who also suffers from Rosacea. Within a week, the redness was fading away, pimples were going away and SD was gone! I have continued Rosacea Ltd for 8 years, drink more water, avoid spicy foods and my Rosacea issue is literally gone. I may flare up slightly when I drink alcohol, but the flare is much less obvious and 1/10 the redness I used to experience. I no longer see a Dermatologist for Rosacea and I am no longer on antibiotics for the condition. My last Dermatologist visit 2 years ago, the DR tried to prescribe me new creams and I confidently explained that I have the cure for Rosacea (Rosacea Ltd) and the DR disregarded the product as a “homeopathic” product. What a joke. Dermatologists should sell Rosacea Ltd in their office and change their patients’ lives. Rosacea Ltd has changed my life. Thank you!


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