Ocular Rosacea Conjunctivitis

Pinkeye or Conjunctivitis

Pinkeye or Ocular Rosacea Conjunctivitis is an inflammatory response that affects the clear film that covers both the inner surface of the eyelids as well as the white portion of the eye and the area of the eye known as the conjunctiva. Conjunctivitis which spreads rapidly and is quite contagious results in the eyes becoming swollen, very red or bloodshot in appearance and usually draining excessively in the corners. The condition is rather common and there has been a lot of debate about whether medication really helps to speed up the recovery time.

There are a variety of factors responsible for an occurrence of Pinkeye. All factors lead to one basic component – conjunctivitis is primarily the result of an immune system imbalance which causes one to be more susceptible to intrusion of bacteria or viruses. When the body’s pH levels are off we are also more prone to an allergic response from environmental triggers as fumes, air pollution, airborne pollens, and strong odors such as you might find in perfumes, cleaning agents, and soaps.

There is growing evidence that ocular involvement is becoming an increasing eye related symptom with those suffering from skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema and rosacea all of which also are also a result of immune system imbalances.

Rosacea-Ltd applied to the upper eyelid and below the eye twice a day can quickly and effectively relieve the symptoms of Ocular Rosacea Conjunctivitis.