Rosacea Eye

Rosacea can occur in the eyes! This inflammatory eye situation is commonly called ocular rosacea but may also be described as eye rosacea. The redness of the eye area is a result of irritation and dryness causing a red or bloodshot appearance in the eyes. The eyes may become swollen, sensitive to light, watery or excessively dry. The corners of the eyelids sometimes develop crusty patches or flaking similar to seborrhea dermatitis.

Ocular rosacea is a serious condition that should be addressed and treated promptly. In the past, treatment of ocular rosacea has been difficult and even frightening to some patients. It’s not uncommon to experience vision changes such as blurriness, burning or even some degree of temporary during the course of ocular treatment with ophthalmic solutions containing both antibiotics and steroids. With ocular rosacea, the risk of secondary infection can be quite high; dry eyes and the tendency to rub them creates an easy breeding ground for staph and bacterial infections.

By comparison, Rosacea-Ltd IV is an all-natural treatment specially formulated to address the needs of ocular rosacea. IT has shown effective against burning, redness, gritty dry eyes, blepharitis, iritis and keratitis. The minerals present in Rosacea-Ltd contain healing properties that have been well used and known for centuries to be effective in treating conditions including swelling, redness, infection and irritation of the eyes.