Control Rosacea by Drinking Water

Rosacea can be improved by drinking 10-16 glasses of water per day. You can see your rosacea improve, by just drinking more water. Before thinking of what to add to your water to increase its pH, please think of what causes the pH of water to be lower than the normal of 7.0 pH. It is 99.9% likely that the cause is a water purifying system that people have on their household water supply that removes the valuable minerals, which causes acidification of water. A pH of 6.0 is ten times more acidic than a pH of 7.0, so it is imperative to keep the minerals of calcium, magnesium manganese, sodium, fluoride, sulfate, and trace amounts of iron, copper and zinc for your body health.

Most often the home filtering system removes the needed minerals so trying to raise the pH artificially will work, but the body is still in need of the minerals for new skin cell regeneration.

The best means of raising the pH of water are on the far right column of the Alkaline food/beverage chart (found on the rosacea diet page). The most practical is baking soda (preferably Arm & Hammer), being careful not to exceed the manufacturer’s recommended daily dosage (and not to be confused with other Arm & Hammer products as there are several that “look” so identical.) Purchase the Arm & Hammer box that states “for anti-acid use.” Sea salt is another good additive.

Not only does acid water eat away your household pipes and fixtures, it also eats away at your bone density as the minerals are pulled out of the bones (which have the highest amount of minerals and are needed for bone health and regeneration) to replace the minerals needed for the body organs and skin as well as for brain functions. Acids and alkalines stabilize by osmosis leveling. So the use of home water filters and reverse osmosis is costing you for the ‘water system’ but most importantly is costing far more in ‘personal health.’ Some people add filters as they do not like the taste or smell of their home drinking water, but it is better to alter the water with tasty additives such as juices which contain many vitamins as well as minerals or your favorite herbs. Be creative!