Antibiotics and Rosacea Treatment

The overuse, underuse, or misuse of antibiotics for rosacea can be very harmful to your health.

First of all antibiotics should not be used to treat rosacea. Antibiotics are to be used for infectious bacterial diseases such as ear infections, sinus infections, strep throat, urinary infections, various wound infections, and infections that could become life threatening. Your doctor should prescribe antibiotics only when you need them. Otherwise, the misuse of antibiotics assists bacteria in becoming resistant to antibiotics which is a serious threat to humans everywhere. A new term called “Superbugs” was coined a few years ago as bacteria mutated to become immune to antibiotics. The first antibiotics were developed post World War II and have been considered miracle drugs until recently as bacteria mutations into antibiotic resistant strains have made them less effective. As the antibiotic fails to kill all the bacteria, the few remaining stains mutate to become resistant to that particular antibiotic. So a different and stronger antibiotic is used, but the mutations or genetic advancement allows the bacteria to tolerate the more stringent antibiotic and the cycle continues.

Vancomycin was developed as a SuperBug killer and was to be used as a last recourse against only the most severe bacterial infections of life threatening proportions. Now we know that even vancomycin has failed in many instances. Vancomycin is so acidic that the infusion of it causes Redman’s Disease. Some of you might call it rosacea which is the same thing. Redman’s Disease only lasts for a few days until the acidic vancomycin is absorbed and balanced by alkaline extracted from the body organs and especially the bones.

Likewise, cancer treatments of chemotherapy and radiation cause redness of the skin as they are extremely acidic. Powerful toxins are introduced with the hope that the cancer will die before the normal healthy body cells. However, the body is extremely stressed during this period of treatment as the hair often falls out, skin becomes wrinkled and sags, and many cancer sufferers have a resulting body height loss of 2-3 inches due to bone reduction and density while the whole body ages very quickly due to the acidic therapy. Cancer and rosacea go together very often as many find in their older years.