Advantages of Rosacea-Ltd IV



The best innovation in rosacea treatment, Rosacea-Ltd is a smooth compact application process unlike anything else on the market today. Rosacea-Ltd is a rounded, easy to use block of compacted minerals, designed for easy handling and application. No messy creams or greasy ointments, no artificial colors or fragrances. Rosacea-Ltd is made of calming, soothing all natural ingredients. These ingredients are specially chosen for their anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties. Made in the USA, Rosacea-Ltd has never been tested on animals, and will not clog the pores. Rosacea-Ltd IV’s unique formulation will not discolor the skin. Rosacea-Ltd has been marketed worldwide through Bass & Boney Pharmaceuticals, Inc.since 1983. Rosacea-Ltd IV is designed to address the special needs of those with mild, moderate or severe rosacea symptoms. This revolutionary concept is easy to apply and convenient to use.

Rosacea-Ltd IV is Very User Friendly: Glide, dab or smooth over the rosacea affected areas in a one to two second application to the damp skin. Rosacea-Ltd absorbs quickly into the skin.

Rosacea-Ltd IV Does not promote bacterial resistance: Use of antibiotics, while destroying bacterial also allow the bacteria to mutate genetically into more resistant strains of bacteria. This has become a very serious situation as medical science struggles to come up with new and stronger antibiotics to control a bacterial epidemic created by very antibiotics and medications designed to control them.  The reproductive cycle for bacteria is approximately every twenty minutes, each time replicating to adjust to its ever changing environment. Thus medical treatment of bacterial infections has created superbugs which we are running out of options to control. You can learn more about the FDA’s reports on the on our page – Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics.  Use of Rosacea-Ltd IV does not promote the mutation of bacterial growth.

Rosacea-Ltd IV Produces Fast Results: One often experiences visible improvement of their rosacea symptoms within just a few days to two weeks. The majority of people using Rosacea-Ltd IV report a substantial improvement within 30 days. Rosacea-Ltd IV is designed to address the special needs of those with mild, moderate or severe rosacea symptoms. This revolutionary concept is easy to apply and convenient to use. Rosacea is not a one size fits all skin condition; there are many nuances to each person’s skin situation.  On our order page you will see a series of questions about your specific skin conditions, treatments you have used in the past, hydration and activity levels, by asking these targeted questions, we learn more your rosacea condition and then design a healing plan that’s tailored to meet your unique needs.

No Adverse Side Effects: There are no known side effects of Rosacea-Ltd IV. The sodium chloride, zinc and sulfur in Rosacea-Ltd IV have been used medicinally for centuries without causing any known side effects. Use of Rosacea-Ltd IV does not result in burning sensations of the skin, temporary redness, mild dryness, watery eyes, nausea, constipation, birth anomalies, or yeast infections. In addition, Rosacea-Ltd IV does not cause photosensitization (i.e., increased sensitivity to sunlight) as do many topical products. The American Academy of Dermatology strongly suggests that everyone apply a sunscreen protectant of SPF 15 or greater as daily part of their skin care regimen — this especially holds true for people with rosacea. However, we think it best to not go out in the sun any longer than absolutely necessary. If you find it necessary to be in the sun for longer than 30 minutes such as outside work, please wear a wide brim hat to protect the face. Unlike azelaic acid, which can cause lightening the skin, Rosacea-Ltd IV causes no hypopigmentation.  Rosacea-Ltd IV does not interact with prescriptions medications and supplements, which allows for complete freedom in treating any other medical conditions.

Rosacea-Ltd IV contains a High Percentage of Soothing and Conditioning Ingredients: Rosacea-Ltd IV contains over 99% of natural healing minerals designed to calm and soothe the skin. Rosacea-Ltd IV contains no potentially irritating fragrances or preservatives.

Rosacea-Ltd IV is reasonably priced: One set of the yellow and tan Rosacea-Ltd IV will generally last twelve months or more. In the U. S., you pay only $98.00 or about 27 cents a day! International Rosacea-ltd IV will be shipped to you via Federal Express for the low price of $130 USD. Compare the difference with your last prescription treatment.

Rosacea-Ltd IV Treatment Trials: Participants in our study group ranged in age from 40 up to 74 years. It was an equal distribution of male and female subjects all experiencing symptoms of rosacea ranging from mild to severe.  By the end of the trail period all had shown improvement of their symptoms of rosacea.

Treatment of Rosacea

Thomas Edison while not a doctor himself seemed to have a good grasp on the problems of medicine in the care and treatment of the body. In one of his quotes he states: The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.

Waves of Change in Rosacea Treatment

For years the standard of rosacea treatment dealt with addressing the visible symptoms of rosacea as it appeared on the face. While these early treatments helped to hide or mask the problem, they did little to cure or address the cause of rosacea. And for years it made sense to address only the symptoms, you keep coming back to the dermatologist, keep getting a prescription to be filled at your local pharmacy and it was a win-win situation for everyone, but you. While you could attempt to some degree to hide your symptoms, this practice never addressed the root cause of rosacea.

Research today has offered us an innovative new approach to the treatment of rosacea; boost the immune system to allow the skin to heal itself. Sounds great, but how do we accomplish it?

The theory that sugary sweets caused bad skin has been around for years and many people have tried to disprove this theory, but like all theories, there’s an element of truth and an element of fiction. Does sugar itself cause acne or rosacea? The answer is no, but what sugar does do is significant impair or inhibit the function of white blood cells. White blood cells are responsible for killing harmful bacteria in the body. When the function of the white blood cells is impaired, the immune system is weakened and unable to function properly. It has been reported that as little as 100 g of sugar is all it takes to weaken the immune system for up to 5 hours. The average candy bar contains 25 to 50 grams of sugar, in a can of soda the average is about 30 grams of sugar and an energy drink can contain up to 70 grams of sugar.

Our skin as the body’s largest organ is the first to show signs of distress and to show the effects of a weakened immune system. When the skin’s ability to function properly is compromised the result is not only the symptoms of flushing or redness to the skin, but the ability of our entire body to function properly is compromised. The skin is the protective barrier that surrounds the internal body and keeps out bacteria and germs, so when this barrier is compromised, the entire body can suffer.

It can be difficult to avoid all sugar so the solution is to avoid excess and keep the body well hydrated to flush out toxins from the body to aid in the function of the immune system. How much water is enough? Pay attention to your body and it will tell you. Your urine should be a pale yellow, any darker and your body is signaling you that it’s dehydrated.

Keeping the body well hydrated will add needed moisture to the skin. If the skin is too dry, small surface cracks or fissures can form allowing bacteria and germs to enter the body again affecting the body’s immune system and its ability to fight infection.